How to Formulate a Cost Reduction Strategy with KPIs, Risks, and Priorities Strategy Execution Software

A cost reduction strategy is a plan you implement to lower the cost of doing business. For example, you might switch to a cheaper manufacturer to save money on producing the products you sell. This is not a job for operational managers, even if they bear the brunt of executing cost initiatives. It’s up to executive leaders to build strategy, culture and processes that embed a value-realization approach throughout the organization — and into everyday cost management. Due to multiple, inaccessible, complex, and inconsistent data sources, a major carmaker could not understand why its production-planning and ramp-up costs had increased.

  • Of course, you have multiple ways to do this; some are much more controversial than others.
  • From 2008 to 2015, G&A expenses grew more slowly than revenues (41.8 percent versus 61 percent).
  • Learn the secrets to recruiting, hiring, & managing an ultra productive, remote team.
  • These resources are pooled together, allowing businesses to eliminate the need for extra space during high-demand phases.
  • So, it would make sense that the number one most efficient cost-cutting strategy from our survey findings was encouraging remote work.
  • Of course, you’ll want to ensure you can use the supplies or sell all the products you order to keep from wasting money.

And establishing a workplace culture that focuses on reducing carbon footprints can also help you achieve additional cost reduction. However, if it’s wage reduction or dismissal, employees will often prefer wage reduction. 39% of CFOs polled in May said they would cut costs in 4Q22 if high inflation persisted. The ongoing threat of recession will only add pressure to reduce spending. Cost-conscious culture, employees treat every dollar of company money as if it were their own. This means they will seek the best value for their money, look for better deals, and consider whether or not a purchase is really necessary.

Ditch The Legacy Systems

You will find that the hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of dollars saved, can be used for growth and business innovation opportunities. Revitalize your financial plan and significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs with these tactics. Consider how much you spend on IT infrastructure per worker per year.

cost reduction strategies

This will keep your team motivated and will never compromise the quality of the deliverables. Replacing expensive resources with cheaper ones is a mere cost-cutting strategy that isn’t sustainable. Therefore, consider having your more experienced team members mentor the folks who need that little push to unearth their full potential. Upskilling junior resources will increase organizational agility and drive motivation further.

Avoid Procrastination and Inspire Effective Time Management

Cloud computing is a very promising technological investment right now. It helps reduce your capital costs and brings down your day-to-day expenses. With cloud computing, there is no need anymore to purchase expensive servers while accessing more bandwidth and storage. Negotiations should not compromise on the quality of the raw materials. By developing a mutually beneficial relationship with your suppliers, you can avoid paying extra. The suppliers are likely to bring their costs down if they see that your business is a profitable venture.

To do this, management teams must figure out which costs fuel their distinct advantage, and which don’t. For example, former CEO of Frito-Lay, Roger Enrico, had to make a major investment in product quality to stay competitive. To manage cost the right way, connect costs and strategy; think of costs in terms of capabilities; use a “zero-based” budgeting approach; make your cut sustainable; and be proactive. Rapid cost reduction levers Description Labor optimization in warehouse Focus on improving productivity, spans of control, workforce planning and shift scheduling. Quick transportation spend analytics Identify cost reduction opportunities by analyzing current transportation spend and volumes across different modes, routes and carriers. Optimize warehouse capacity Identify underutilized space and reduce aisle width in the racking area.

Let’s Talk Growth

Aggressive cost reductions can drain resources from high-impact innovation projects or indefinitely delay funding to a point where competitors can hurdle your organization in the market. Many executive leaders will need to make trade-offs in their spending to tackle today’s triple squeeze of persistent inflation, supply chain disruptions and a tight labor market. But common missteps in cost reduction can undermine even structured programs designed to optimize cost decisions strategically. Still, it is almost certain that your business records comprise of at least some fiscal fat to cut off. Even if you believe you have taken all the non-essential spending, it may be worth it to still apply some cost reduction strategies listed above. It would not cost any additional fee, and might even produce a noteworthy payoff within the shortest period.

cost reduction strategies

For more information about our organization, please visit Based on your overarching strategy, we’ll help redefine your end-to-end supply chain and operations to support your enterprise objectives. Supply chain executives are looking for sustainable cost reductions that go beyond stop-gap efforts.

Step 2.1 Map Cost Drivers

When you break the expenses up, you can learn if a service or product isn’t worth offering anymore. However, a contractor can be an excellent choice for a short-term project. You only need to pay them for their time working, and you don’t have to cover employee benefits or payroll taxes. You can also cut costs in business by reducing how much you pay for labor. Of course, you have multiple ways to do this; some are much more controversial than others. Another option for reducing costs is to eliminate unnecessary business travel.

There is only so much you can do to improve your business as it is now. At some point, if you want to see a truly impressive ROI, you need to rethink how you do business. Plus, 33% of engineer’s time goes to dealing with technical debt. That’s time wasted on repairing existing software, not working on new innovations that could increase revenue. Most likely, there is at least one member of your team that’s underperforming.

cost reduction strategies

Many companies also apply IT cost reduction strategies such as outsourcing to an IT firm. The company chose to implement an advanced spending intelligence tool. The system used data engineering and machine-learning methods to address the problem of dispersed data in the IT system. These tools extracted data from each business unit’s enterprise-resource-planning system and combined it into a single model.

Of Your New Savings

As process improvement consultants, we’re uniquely positioned to share our experience with helping businesses reduce costs. Rather than seeking quick wins, our guide will walk you through how to set a strong foundation for a lean business. Cost reduction is the process of reducing unnecessary expenses to increase their bottom line.

First, it developed a “click prototype”—an interactive visualization of future workflow that managers could use to monitor and plan production. Unfortunately, slow payments from customers strained cash flows and made it difficult to invest in growth. To locate the problems in the ordering process, it used a process-mining tool to analyze and visualize all orders. In the seven real-world examples that follow, we explain what was done and how, and estimate the results. Each case addresses an essential business area such as finance, procurement, or production management.

Outsourcing IT Staff and Services

Each comes from a specific industry or application, but the general logic will remain the same. To successfully implement a full-scale tech-enabled cost-reduction transformation, companies must track the progress of their work. Web-based software solutions can be set up in less than a month to track impact and ensure value delivery. The employees who know where the waste is are those employees that do the job. If you will give your employees incentives to pinpoint areas where savings could be realized, you are tapping into a new source of employee savings. There are days in the week when business is very slow but picks up during the latter part of the week, particularly during weekends.

This lessen your climate control, lighting systems’ capabilities, and carbon footprints. Before starting an energy-saving project, determine whether it meet the requirements for local, state, or federal energy-efficiency tax credits. Most energy-supping appliances, and moderate renewable energy project often do. That is partially because profit margins come in several flavors and are often accessible in exceedingly multifaceted ways.

Companies often launch a new product without considering the cost. Cost becomes more important when competition increases and price becomes a differentiator cost reduction strategies in the market. HBR Learning’s online leadership training helps you hone your skills with courses like Strategy Planning and Execution.


Supply chain executives are evaluating their full value chains, looking for ways to reduce costs in a sustainable manner. As a result, quick wins can be realized right away, and a road map for other cost reduction initiatives can be established. Long term, these efforts should also improve the financial health of the organization, which is necessary to become more resilient to global market fluctuations. As a leading digital agency in Philly, Dignitas Digital helps its clients with expert solutions on how to reduce costs through our cloud services. Further, there are instances when we have optimized server performance so that the client can achieve optimal usage of resources, thus, reducing unnecessary costs behind server usage.

With this change in mindset, your employees will produce more results. No one knows the ins and outs of their department better than the employees working there. You can also encourage and reward your staff for finding more efficient ways to work.

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